SUMMER 2023 - Team Colors Taken

**Dry Fit Colors will match as close to Cotton shirt colors as possible **

Colors Taken: 

Dunder Kicklan - TEAL

Dropkick Murphy - Coral 

New Kicks On The Block - Mint

Drunk and Looking to Score - White 

Little Kickball's of Fire - Aqua 

Ball Me Maybe - Deep Teal

Sit On My Base: Pink

Drinkers With A Kicking Problem- steel blue

if the balls could talk - sunset

schloppy boys - true royal

Big Kick Energy  - berry 

pitch please - charity pink

washed up frogs - team purple 

where my pitches at? - yellow 

balls on call - Black 

pitches be crazy - silver 

ballz deep - storm 

donkey punch - light blue

average sized kicks - gold 

eat my kick pitch - red 

smash and dash - Kelly green 

MS3 - orange