Can I sign up by myself or do I need a full team to join ?
You can sign up as an individual, with a group of friends, or as an entire team. During the registration process there is a comment field to enter the names of your friend(s) you want to play with or just sign up as a Free Agent and we'll place you with a fun team.  If you list your group/team name we can add that to the drop-down list so your friends will see your team name as an option when they go to sign-up.

It says I’m registered for a season but I didn’t complete my payment yet. How do I finish paying ?
If you were interupted during the payment process you can get back to the payment button by navigating to your My Account page. Click the Menu bars in the upper Right Hand corner, then select My Account 

What nights are the leagues ?
We currently offer games on Tuesday & Thursday evenings.  The games are played in a central area of Fort Worth called Rockwood Park 701 N. University Dr. Fort Worth, TX 76114

When are the game times ?
The games will be played at 7pm and 8pm, check the season schedule to check your team's game time for the week.

Why are teams listed as 1B/3B Refs?
We have experienced home plate Head-Refs that will have authority over the games.  However, we have the teams listed as base refs for two reasons:
1) It provides an opportunity for players on the teams to learn the rules
2) It provides a level of social accountability to treat refs well durring games when your team will also be reffing.

How will I know what team I'm on ?
You can check team assignments on your My Account page using the Menu.  This will show the name of your team and options to contact your coach/teammates.