COVID-19 Update- March 19: Season & Events Delay Until Further Notice

We understand people are frustrated during this difficult time, we are responding to the information it is provided by authorities... and have appreciated your patience.

Yes, the information is fluid and as more comes in we’re adjusting accordingly.  We have been in continual contingency planning mode for weeks with additional fields and game times for spacing and game formatting and are exhausted.  The reality at this point with current guidance of the State of Texas and City Of Fort Worth we are delaying the games and events until further notice. 

We will do our best to attempt to complete the season, and will notify everyone via the website and emails when we have more information. 

What Does Help prevent spreading of COVID-19:

  1. Washing Hands For 20+ seconds
  2. Using Hand Sanitizer
  3. Don’t Touch Your Face
  4. Isolation for weakened immune systems and Ederly
  5. Disinfect Regularly Touched Surfaces 
  6. Distancing to reduce contact 
  7. Using Face Masks
  8. Testing for potential contact with infected individuals 
  9. Self Quarantine during illness

If you think you are sick or may have been exposed we encourage contacting your physician or utilizing resources such as Tarrant County Public Health patient hotline at 817-248-6299 


Stay safe & stay sanitized... we hope to see everyone back out there soon!!


David J. Grover 

FTW Sports LLC Co-Owner