Kickball rules probably haven't changed since you were a kid and are based on the rules of baseball; A detailed copy of the FTW Kickball Rule Book is at the bottom of this page.
This is a Co-Ed league with 11 players on defense, and there must be a minimum of 4 girls(no maximum) on defense at a time in order to have a full defensive team of 11 players. (More details in the Rule Book)
The game is 6 innings or 55minutes which ever comes first.
A runner is out if they are contacted with the ball (except contact above the shoulders, unless the runner ducks into the throw or is sliding).
A runner is also out if the defense has control of the ball on a base before a forced advancing runner reaches the base.  (If there is no force, then contact must be made with the runner in order to get an out).
A kicker is out if a defender catches the ball in the air. (Catching a ball after contact with a fence or pole in fair teritory is not an out and still a live ball, runners may keep advancing.)
Our league has the following adjustments:
Encroachment/Off-Sides Line moved-up for guys = makes bunting harder and eliminates judgment calls on bunting
- For guys the Off-Sides Line is the perpendicular line from the pitching rubber to the 1st & 3rd base lines, this makes a square which all defenders must start behind until the ball is kicked.   
Encroachment/Off-Sides Line line remains for girls.

- For Girls the Off-Sides Line is the imaginary line running from 1st base to 3rd base and defenders have to start behind that line until the ball is kicked.

Encroachment/Off-Sides rules remain for the catcher.
- The catcher must remain behind the kicker until the ball is kicked.
Off-Sides Violation:
Kicking team has option on off-sides violations. Take the pitch as a ball or take the result of the play. (In the event of a walk, other base runners advance only if forced)
Strike Zone:
Clearer strike zone - 4” "strike stripe"(TM) added across the front of home-plate to mark the left & right edge of the strike zone. 
The bottom of the ball must pass over the "strike stripe"(TM) to count as a strike.
Any pitched ball, that doesn't make contact with the kicker, is called a ball if:
- The pitch is outside the "strike stripe"(TM)
- The bottom of the ball bounces above 1ft off the ground in the strike zone.
- The pitched ball doesn't  bounces twice or roll prior to crossing the "strike stripe"(TM).
Pitch Count:
Adjusted to 3 Fouls, 3 Strikes, 3 Balls   (3 Fouls = Out, 3 Strikes = Out, 3 Balls = Walk)
Fouls count separately than strikes.
Home Runs:
Our League Fields are oriented  to allow for Home Run Fences.
The Home Run Limit is 3 per team per game.  After that a Home Run counts as an out.



Kickball Facility Rules:

BYOB - Yes, we can have adult beverage on the fields as long as we pick up after ourselves. (No GLASS Bottles)

Firearms, Illegal Drugs, Unapproved Medicines and Pets:

No firearms, illegal drugs or unapproved medicines, or pets (except Seeing Eye or service dogs) shall be brought onto kickball facilities.



FTW Kickball Official Rulebook 4.1

FTW Kickball Line-Up Card

FTW Kickball HEAD REF Instructional Manual