COVID Update -April 30

We’re getting closer to resuming outdoor life again, we checked with the City OF Fort Worth yesterday April 29th and the fields are still closed. 

We plan on following the CDC, City of Fort Worth, and medical professional guidelines for distancing and defined restrictions.  We envision masks being a common part of life for the near future so we recommend making/finding/buying some for yourself and family in order to interact socially as required. 

We do plan on completing the Spring Season, the only impact is on the rest of the year schedule where we may do a late summer or early Fall depending on how conditions appear. 

We will remain in contact on when/how the games will resume... we are working on distancing game fields, game times, and even additional bases for safety!

Thank you for your patience and trust everyone is making wise decisions to remain safe & healthy... we want to see our FTW Kickball friends again some day  no matter what capacity that may be!!