COVID-19: March 17th Response & Plan

With response to the current COVID-19, we have received guidance from the City of Fort Worth, the CDC, and local physician to inform you about the FTW Kickball game structure and impact to post-game activities.

FTW Kickball will follow our local leadership and remain an informed community.  As of Tuesday March 17th Fort Worth is limiting businesses to 1/2 their official capacity with a maximum limit of 125 individuals.

We will follow the CDC guidance for washing, using hand sanitizer, and avoiding contact with your face.  We will clean the kickballs before the games each week with a disinfectant to reduce their ability to serve as a means of transmission (Wipe Down Lysol, Clorox, etc.).

Any individual that is sick or has a weak immune system should follow the direction of their medical professionals and remain isolated at home.

Due to the new capacity limitations of Conlon’s Pub (~140 reduced to ~70) we’ll need to suspend the official post-game parties for the Thursday League and ask that you remain safe and informed if a business appears over crowded.  This information can and likely will change and is important to remain flexible and informed.  All three FTW season parties will be evaluated as we approach the dates with the available environment/information changes.

Early Season: Mar 29th (postponed)
Mid-Season: April 19th
End Of Season: May 30th

Each field has at most about 90-95 players at 7pm and 8pm, they are outside, and have spacing providing the recommended 3-6ft separation. Along these lines, we recommend avoid high-fives, hugs, and other close physical contact at this time... elbow bumps or air-fives are probably your best celebratory expression.

To further reduce interaction we are adjusting the 8pm games to 8:15pm and will not use 1B-3B base-refs from other teams.  This will limit individuals arriving between 7pm and 8pm games.  Once the 7pm games are complete, those teams should head off the fields.  The head refs can call the games for the next few weeks or until public health directions change.

A sense of community is important even more so now, we will continue to adjust as we learn more and follow the guidance of Fort Worth. 

If you think you are sick or may have been exposed we encourage contacting your physician or utilizing resources such as Tarrant County Public Health patient hotline at 817-248-6299 

Thanks, FTW Kickball loves you and loves Fort Worth... we will get through this!!

David J. Grover
FTW Sports LLC  - Co-Owner